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Scripting languages are the way we customize base programs to our needs or tastes. They are not the base programs themselves. They modify the actions, results, running. etc. of the base programs.

Apple Script provides a means of performing simple tasks and of linking programs on a Macintosh. At the minimum, Apple intened Apple Script to be capable of automatically invoking any procedure that a user can do from any of the menus. While it has not been totally successful in this, Apple Script does provide a means of automating many tasks on a Mac. A couple of scripts I found useful are presented. Due to the historical laxness in program interfacing on PCs, there is no corresponding PC wide scripting language.

Java Script has become the scripting language of choice (I'm sure Microsoft disagrees with this) for Web browsers. Although it cannot be called "full featured", it provides most of the tools needed to for most web needs (and personalities). This page provides some of the scripts I've written and found useful (the non useful ones were, :-) of course discarded). If you have ever run into the limitations in using JS conditionals, I would suggest looking at the "Library" functions. They arent very involved, but provide some of the capabilities that are oddly missing in Java Script.

Java Scripts

Apple Script

IRC Scripts

In person-to-person conversation (I hate the term "real life"), we have all determined a set of standard responses to normal (or even abnormal) situations. These rsponses have grown with us. In a way, they are what defines our personalities. They cover such things as how we greet strangers, or acquaintenances, or friends; how we respnd to our own sex or to the opposite sex (I`m not brave enough to go much farther with that); how we respond to flirting or how we flirt; and how we react in other similar situations.

On IRC, this is the rhelm of scripts. They provide for a varity of functions. They automate the mundane tasks that constantly arrise; they attach (bind) complex actions to simple keystrokes (through aliases) thus speeding up the action; and most importantly, they provide that part of the user personality that arrises from choice of words or actions.

Scripts are additions to the basic client (program) that make IRC life easier and more fun by providing conveniences and extra features not found in the standard program. They may be initiated from the keyboard through the use of aliases, with the mouse using the pop-up menus, or automatically either on a clock or in response to external stimuli. But in all cases, they provided a glimpse into the personalities of you and me, the users.

The following buttons are links to pages containing scripts for: PCs running mIRC or one of its deritives; Macs running IRCLE; and Macs running ShadowBot. A link has also been provided for some miscellaneous Apple Scipt scripts. Have fun!

mIRC Scripts

IRCLE Scripts

Shadow Bot

Thanks to Datasinc A number of people have asked where they can get copies of v6.1 of the Little Star IRC program originally written by "Scoobster." He is now writing a totally new program called "Klient" and no longer supports Little Star. Also the links to the copy I placed on GeoCities don't seem to be working too well. BUT, Thanks to "Datasinc" we have anothe source. Check out his pages they are quite good and very useful. When you get to his page follow the links to his "Download Zone." The latest full version of Little Star is v6.1 (4.42 MB). The upgrade is v7.0 (1.09 MB). To load the upgrade you need to first load 6.1. Both files are on the page. Happy D/L'ing.

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