(Last Updated 11/25/98)

HTML Tidbits

These pages will be used to offer HTML Tidbits, Tips, and Tutorials. They are pointed toward new users not expert programmers. I hope you find them of some value. In all cases, I will try include examples of each.


Tables are the most widely used formatting element in HTML. This page provides a listing of the available tags and options; a list of tips and "watchouts"; and myriad examples.

        Table Page


The META element is a method to identify specialized document information (information about a document rather than document content). Each META element specifies a property-value pair. This page provides a description of this element along with examples.

        Meta Tag Page


Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is a term that describes the collective action of a group of technologies: This page provides an introduction to this new way to look at web pages.

        DHTML Page

CSS Programming Introduction

A little Class; A bit of Élan; A touch of Style. An introduction to Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) programming including sheet definition and linking.

        CSS Introduction Page


Discussion of something, someday.

        TBD Page

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