The Great Texas Fish Story (August 1997)

Just sit right back and you will hear, a tale of a fatefull trip.
That started from a Texas town, with nary a tiny slip.
The mate was a mighty fishin` man, the skipper brave and sure.
They took a friend out that day, for a two day tour, a two day tour.

Skipper Steve & First Mate Mark
{God look at all that stuff in the truck. What are they fishing for?}

The weather stared getting rough, the three friends were tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless three, their minnows would be lost,
their minnows would be lost.

The trip set down in a parking lot, in an uncharted place,

with First Mate Mark,

Skipper Steve too,

the movie star {David - CaptVideo}, and the rest,

there on holligan`s isle.

(Personally, I was always kind of fond of the Bimbo, Ginger.)

I hear, the fish have chipped in to pay for the guys tickets for the next jaunt.
(Maybe they think its safer.)

In a more serious vein, glad you all had a good time.
Welcome back friends.