Carl C Paulson

Experience Summary:
Computer Total of over 25 years of computer hardware and software experience.
Expert in FORTRAN (>25 years), C/C++ (>10 years), and Java (>5 years) languages.
Expert in web programming languages: Java Script and (D)HTML. Experienced in XML.
Some or old experience in Visual Basic, Assembly and APL programming.
Experienced in Rational Rose, Clearcase, UIMX, etc. & various PC and Web application / macro / scripting languages.
Expert in mathematical and numerical analysis and methods, including algorithmic and stochastic methods.
Experienced with UNIX (AIX 3.2 and Solaris 2.5,7), VMS, Mac-OS, DOS, and Windows Operating systems.
Highlights Developed the Course of Action Unit Synchronization Battlefield Planning Tools and GUIs for the Maneuver Control System (MCS) project.
Developed the industry standard computer codes for: PF coil design for fusion reactors (L4Green); for CCL accelerator simulation and design (PARMCCL), and for Ion accelerator preliminary design (ASM).
C++, Java programming mentor in HTML Writers Guild.
Managerial Project Technical Lead for MCS-Light. Supervised the integration of the PC and Unix programs.
Supervised the development of the engineering portions of ASM and the porting of the code to a platform independent environment.
Lead Engineer on EBT fusion project. Lead Engineer on Allen's Creek and Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant projects.

Professional Experience:
  • Lockheed Martin Mission Systems, July 2000-present
    Sr. Staff Software Engineer / Project Lead MCS Light

    Assigned to the MCS (Maneuver Control System) project as technical lead for the development of the NT version of MCS and its integration into the MCS project with a common look and feel.

  • UnixPros, Dec. 1998-July 2000
    Senior Software Engineer

    Provided the Object Oriented Analysis and Design for the Course of Action Unit Synchronization Battlefield Planning System. Responsibilities included: developing the concepts, logic, classes, and GUIs to provided time, location, and event synchronization in a battlefield situation; determining associations for the unit, route and synchronization areas; interfacing to the database; and base class development.

  • Northrop Grumman Corporation / Grumman Corporation, Feb. 1984 - 1998
    Senior Technical Specialist (Over 40 technical publications)

    Assigned to the Advanced Energy Group of the Northrop Grumman Advanced Systems & Technology area within the Military Aircraft Systems Division (MASD). Responsibilities include the development of computer based models for the simulation, analysis, design, and simulation of accelerator and other systems.

    Developed the Accelerator Systems Model code (ASM) {C++ with some Visual Basic} to allow pre-construction evaluation of the cost, reliability/maintainability, and feasibility of competing accelerator designs . Developed the methodology used, GUIs, physics, and beam portions of the code. Supervised the development of the Engineering portions. Developed a Greens Function based computer code (L4Green) {FORTRAN} for the design of Poloidal Field Coil Systems capable of supporting known plasma equilibrium states. Developed a Particle-In-Cell design and simulation code (PARMCCL) for Side Coupled CCL Accelerators. Developed a set of synchronous particle design codes {C/C++} for RFQ, DTL, and Side Coupled CCL accelerators.

    Was responsible for the Princeton office IBM system 6000 based (AIX v3.2 Op. sys.) LAN system and servers.

  • Cognitive Portals, 1995-present
    Senior Software Engineer

    Provide web design & computing consulting services. Languages included are JAVA, Java Script, (D)HTM/XML programming and Scripting. Programming mentor in C++ & Java in the HTML Writers Guild. Taught C++ programming class.

  • NUS Corporation, 1982-1984
    Project Manager (2 Technical publications)

    Project Manager on the Crystal River 3 nuclear power plant security system upgrade project. Designed the computer control system. Programmatic responsibility for total design, staffing, budget, and construction. Project completed successfully without plant shutdown, within schedule and budget.

  • EBASCO Services Incorporatedn, 1974-1982
    Engineer - Lead Engineer (7 Technical publications)

    Developed a menu driven word processor (Assembly) for the Datapoint PC. Used throughout Ebasco.. Developed the mathematical and computer models used in the analysis, design, and simulation of electromagnetic systems in controlled nuclear fusion projects. Provided consultant services in the analysis of electromagnetic quenching of super-conducting coils and design DC electrical systems.

    Lead Engineer: Responsibilities included system design, specification, and construction. Developed a computer code (FORTRAN) for the analysis of reactor safety systems; and providing fault tree and Markoff analysis of plant vulnerability.

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1972 - 1982
    Instructor: Adjunct Faculty, Physics Department, Teaneck Campus

  • Education:
    PhD Program (Physics), New York University, 1970-1974,
    NSF Fellowship, passed qualifying Exams, completed course work
    BS Physics, Magna Cum Laude, 1970, Fairleigh Dickinson University,
    University Honors Program, Phi Zeta Kappa & Phi Omega Epsilon Honor Societies

    Military: USAF, Systems Command, 1963-1967
    DOD Secret (active), initially granted 5/22/85 {Grumman} (through 1988), reactivated 1999 (through 2000) {UnixPros}, & 2001 (to present) {Lockheed Martin} DOE L (inactive), LSC-64277, effective 2/24/82

    HTML Writers Guild (HWG)
    American Physical Society (APS)
    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
    Education Committee - IEEE Power and Industrial Applications Division, New York and Long Island Section (1980 - 1982)

    Plainsboro Township:
    Rescue Squad (1984 - 1998): New Jersey EMT certification; Past Captain
    Board of Fire Commissioners - Commissioner (1991 - 1992)
    Recreation Advisory Committee (1985 - 1989);
    Youth Guidance Council (1987 - 1988)

    West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District:
    Community Education Advisory Committee (1987 - 1991)
    Science Curriculum Advisory Committee (1993 - 1994)

    Boy Scouts of America (BSA):
    Assistant Scoutmaster & Troop Advancement Chairman: Troop 759 (1991 - 1996)
    Mercer Area District, George Washington Council Advancement Committee (1992-present)

    American Red Cross - NJ Capital Area Chapter; CPR & First Aid Instructor
    American Legion - Post 221, Ridgefield, NJ; Commander (1981 - 1982)