(Last Updated 12/31/97)

IRCLE Script Files

With Revision 2.6, IRCLE has drawn approximately even with mIRC as a chat program. This revision supplies the Mac user with the pop-up and remote command abilities that have long been used on mIRC. This page contains an initial set of script files to use with IRCLE (equivalent mIRC scripts can be found in the mIRC section). Each is supplied as a complete set with all auxiliary files enclosed. For ease of modification, they have been compiled as applications rather than as run only. All files have been compressed with Stuffit.

Where audio files are used (often - I like to use audio files), they are supplied in "wav" (PC) rather than "snd" (Mac System 7) format. If you would rather use System 7 sound format, I would suggest that you at least rename those files with the {.wav} extension. The Mac obtains its file type information from inside the file and doesn't care about the file name (or extension). PCs on the other hand rely on the extension to determine the file type. Therefore if your files are all named with the wav extension, you and PCs users will have no problems implementing remote audio commands with each other. (PCs will just consider you a funny looking PC.)

Cyber Bar: (426.6 kB) A bar tending script suite. It includes call-able "Cyber Bar Open" , and "Cyber Bar Closed" scripts, and a Cyber-Bar event handler to supply the drinks and banter automatically during the intervening time. It has an extensive file of drinks (including ingredients), a beer file, a file of toasts (mostly Irish) to drink by, and the obligatory insult file used when some poor unsuspecting sole calls you a BarMaid. Additionally the script uses a set of audio taunt files derived from the Monty Python movie, "In Search of the Holy Grail." Full documentation is provided.

Lurker: (238 kB) An Away-Return script suite .The away script has you transforming into your impenetrable disguise of "The Lurker." It is accompanied by an audio of the introduction to the Shadow radio show and automatically changes your nick into one indicating that you are away. While you are away, all messages directed to you are time/date stamped and logged. The return gives you back your original nick and is accompanied by the famous "Here's Johnny" line from The Shining.

DCC a Wav: (6.6 kB) An automatic response, using an event handler, to a request for an audio file. The request format is { !Your_Name Wav_Name }. This was mainly chosen to coincide with that already in use by people using mIRC.

The following 5 scripts are all channel kicking scripts. They are arranged from the simplest to the most involved. A text narrative (Microsoft Word 5.1) describing them can be obtained at (Kick Document).

Ops Beggar Kick: (7 kB) A simple kick to use on people who come into channels and beg for ops.

UNIX Kick: (17 kB) A simple kick based on the kickee having a UNIX based machine. The set includes the script and 1 audio file.

Dr. Who Kicks: (255 kB) A set of 4 kicks included in 1 script based on the "Dr. Who" TV series. The set includes 5 audio files (4 are used in sets of 2s in the script, the additional file introduces each kick and is the tardis making its characteristic groaning entrance) and the script.

Howard the Duck Kicks: (281 kB) A set of 9 kicks included in 1 script based on the "Howard the Duck" movie. The set includes 9 audio files (used in sets of 3s in the script) and the script.

Wrath of Oz Kick: (187 kB) The Wrath of Oz kick script suite is the most involved of my kicking scripts. It involves an interaction between multiple machines (PCs with mIRC, ShadowBot running on a Mac, and Macs with IRCLE) to tell a coherent story. Scripts are provided to initiate the script either from IRCLE or from mIRC. Shadow then takes over the story. It determines if the command came from a male or a female, and acknowledges it appropriately. It then checks the channel for users using a nick of "OZ" or "r_OZ". It the user is not one of the high operators, he or she will be labeled a nick-stealer and summarily kicked to the accompaniment of an audio from the "Wizard of OZ" movie. Shadow then changes his nick to r_OZ, changes the channel mode to moderated, and removes the kickee's voice. The kickee is then asked who he is and when he doesn't answer, is kicked. Shadow resumes his normal identity and each of the other machines asks him if he saw OZ. Throughout this story, the other involved machines are using " On Text" (PC) or "PubMsg" (Mac) event handles to respond to OZ's commands. This set presently includes 2 audio files, a ShadowBot script, and 2 IRCLE scripts. (The mIRC script and Pop-Up are not yet complete). An additional IRCLE script is provided to handle the ShadowBot portion if desired.

The following 10 scripts pertain to channel socializing. A text narrative (Microsoft Word 5.1) describing them can be obtained at (Sociality Document).

Happy-Joy: (93 kB) A silly, but fun, little script to play the Ren and Stimpy Happy Joy ditty.

A Rose to all Females: (6 kB) A script which proffers a single "red" rose to all females on the channel. The word red and the rose are, of course, red and the leaves of each rose are green. (These colors are defined on a Mac. PCs will not see the colors.)

Generic Hi: (36 kB) A generic Hi there to welcome people to a channel. The script uses a random number generator to choose either a simple hi-there followed by an audio of an evil laugh or a hi-there based on the time of day.

Hi {Female}: (3.2 kB) A general hi to a female. (No audio) (Narrative rewritten.)

Hot Stuff: (50 kB) A special hello to the highlighted nick accompanied by the audio, "What's happin' Hot Stuff."

Hug You: (88 kB) Also a special hello to the highlighted nick accompanied by the audio, "I want to take you home and hug you ... and lock you in a cage and keep you forever."

Hugs: (207 kB) Hugs to the highlighted nick accompanied by Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs."

Hugs & Kisses: (141 kB) Hugs and Kisses to the highlighted nick accompanied by Jimmy Hendricks and "Foxy Lady."

Cute Butt: (55 kB) The required PC {politically correct} script for the ladies to use on us guys. It provides a big hi to the highlighted nick accompanied by the audio which set the name.

Name Parse: (11 kB) A script for parsing the nickname of the user to be greeted and interspersing hugs and kisses. (Concept by Jandee.)