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IRC Scripting for


(Just read up, would appreciate comments!)

By far, the most popular PC based IRC program is mIRC. Version 5.3 is presently available. This page contains a set of script files to use with mIRC or any of its derivatives (Little Star is the best mIRC script code I know of). All files have been compressed with WinZip.

Where audio files are used (often - I like to use audio files), the files may be found on my Wav pages. (I just realized i forgot to fix these links last week when I moved all my wav files. I appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.)

mIRC Wav Loder: (1.4 kB) Did you know that since v4.7 of mIRC you can use subdirectories to organize your audio files rather than the old "Wav-Loder" program. A quote from the mIRC versions file: "When using /sound and /wavplay, the Waves directory and ALL of its subdirectories are searched ...". Interestingly (and luckily), this search also works for the "!nick filename" wav and midi get requests. To implement the internal wav-loder presented here, separate your files into subdirectories in the "Wave" & "Midi" directories. The ones used in the script are:
Love Songs
Easy Listening
Rock & Roll
Other Songs
TV Quotes
Movie Quotes
You can delete some of these by either deleting the line that refers to it (or starting that line with a semi-colon), add to it by inserting similar lines with the new directory name, or change them by changing the directory name. The script is loaded by typing "/LOAD -rs CCP-Audio.ini". This loads the file as a script file which can be edited in the remote section. Loading it will add pop-up lines for your directories to the channel and to the user list pop-ups. Th User-List popup entry allows you to play the wav (or midi) to that particular user, while the channel window popup plays it to the entire channel. Using the "play with message" option allows you to add a message to the wav. :-) Have fun.

Greetings Scripts: (8 kB)

  • Generic:
  • Hi-Channel - Greets every nick (except yours) in the channel in a different color.
  • Hi-General - A series of hi`s, chosen randomly, for acquaintences.
  • Hi-Friends - A series of hi`s, chosen randomly, for friends.
  • Hi Time of Day - A hi based on the time of day.
  • Bye-Gen - A series of bye`s, chosen randomly.
  • Bye-Night - A series of byes for the evening chosen randomly.
  • Parse_Name - Parses the nick, eliminating the odd characters and hugs and kisses the person in one of 3 ways chosen randomly.
  • Smokin - A greeting which uses a dictionary list of surperalitives to describe the person. Uses the Smokin` wav by Jim Carey.
  • PawHugs - A 4 paw hug from Snoopy.
  • I-See-You - A box with eyes saying "Hey *nick*, ICU".
  • 2-Line-Parser - The nick is parsed into a 2 line colorfull box.
  • Female Hug Males
  • CuteButt - A hug accompanied by CuteButt.wav ("Man, did you see his cute butt?" anonymous)
  • Drip - You finally hug the guy after playing the Bette Davis Wav ("I`d love to kiss you but I just washed my hair.")
  • Male Hug Females
  • Brighter - Hugs for the lady who has just made the room brighter by her presence.
  • HiLady - A formal hi (snap your heels, sweeps off your hat, and bow low) to a goddess.
  • HotStuff - A limeric and hugs ending with the wav HotStuff ("Whats happin` hot stuff?" from the movie "16 Candles")
  • HugYou - A GIGANTIC hug set to the Hug You wav ("I`m going to take you home and love you, and squeeze you, and ...", little girls voice).
  • HotLegs - Hug the Devil OUT of *nick* set to Hot Legs by Rod Stewart.
  • Foxy - Hug to keep the Devil IN *nick* set to Foxy Lady by Jimmi Hendrix.
  • ScaredHug - A bold hug for all us scardy-cats.
  • Bogie - A hug for the goddess that has walked into your Gin-Joint set to Bogart`s famous line - "Here`s looing at you, kid!" (Casablanca).
  • TalkSex - An attempted hug, but a faint from shock, when the lady whispers that famouse Salt & Pepa song line, "Lets Talk About Sex, baby!".
  • Invisible Hugger (Invisible writing)
  • IHhits - The Invisible Huggers hits on **. The nick is there if you look for it.
  • IHSteps - The Invisible Hugger sneaks up to ** for a hug.
  • IHNot - The Invisible Hugger will not hug ** .......NOT.
  • IHwishes - Happy Halloween to the channel from the Invisible Hugger.
  • IHNirvana - Halloween: Invisible Hugger nirvana. Says "BOO" to the recipient rather than hugging her.
  • Flirt & Love
  • Hey-Lil-Girl - The urbane, sophisticate *me* says Hey little girl , How about some candy while offering different candies, randomly chosen.
  • Flirt-Lines - A series of flirt lines.
  • Love-Lines - A series of love lines.
  • H-Secret - Candy is Dandy, then Liqour makes Sicker. (Have no idea why I made this one :-) ).
  • Text Manipulation Scripts: (4 kB) A series of text manipulating aliases for mIRC:

  • Little Star based (for those that would like some of the Little Star abilities):
  • /c-say text OR /c-me text - does a /say or /me in random colors.
  • /bc-say text OR /bc-me text - does a /say or /me in random bold colors.
  • /w-say text OR /w-me text - says or does the text in "elite" characters.
  • /wc-say text OR /wc-me text - says or does the text in randomly colored "elite" characters.
  • /wbc-say text OR /wbc-me text - says or does the text in bold randomly colored "elite" characters.
  • /s-say {color 1} {color 2 } text - says "text" striped with supplied colors. The colors are optional. If none are specified, red and black are used. If one is specified, the other will be black. Use the mIRC numeric color codes.
  • /s-me {color 1} {color 2 } text - does the text with striped colors (as above),
  • /bs-say {color 1} {color 2 } text - says "text" in bold letters, striped with supplied colors.
  • /bs-me {color 1} {color 2 } text - does "text" in bold letters, striped with supplied colors.
  • /bk-say text OR /bk-me text - says or does the text backwards.
  • /cbk-say text OR /cbk-me text - says or does the text backwards in random colors.
  • A Couple of General Ones
  • /HiOps - A Hi from all the Ops on the Channel.
  • /BeaUTiFuL nick or name - Gee {name in random colors} sure is Bea-U-Ti-FuL today!!!
  • Big Letter Aliases {6 color combinations chosen at random used}
  • BL_Hi {window for name} - Hi ho name'erino {Hi in Big Letters}.
  • BL_LoL {window for name} - Big Lol for name {LoL in Big Letters}.
  • BL_HaHa - HeHe HaHa HoHo {HaHa in Big Letters}.
  • BL_HeHe - Ohhhhhh HeHe HaHa {HeHe in Big Letters}.
  • BL_CooL - Coo Coo Cool{CooL in Big Letters}.