Java Files

These pages will be used to offer Java programs as I complete or refurbish them. I hope you find them of some value. Personally I really can't fathom why some people try to keep their codes secret. The source codes will always be offered along with the binaries. Take a look at the examples.

Times Square Scroller

A small message scroller made to look like the Times Square building.

Example TSMsg.class

Multi-message Ticker Tape

A simple Ticker Tape program to scroll up to 6 different messages (each in its own color) across the screen. This program was written a long time ago and was my first attempt at using Java. I just updated it before putting it up.
Example T_Tape.class

Parameter Input Library

A tool package containg parameter input routines. The routines allow for default and bounding (for numeric inputs) values.
Example inParam.class

Mortgage / Annuity Calculator

An applet to calculate the: Present Value; Monthly Payment; Simple Interest Rate; Loan Term; or Final Balloon Payment of a loan. This was actually the first caculational applet I wrote. To place it here, it has been refurbished with a small GUI.
Example Annuity.class

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

An applet that compares mortgages at differing interest rates, points, or loan terms with respect to monthly payment and total payout.
Example Mortgage.class

Page Hit Counter

An applet / servlet page hit counter. Note: Use of this counter requires the ability to start the servlet on your commercial server.
Example CounterC.class

Bar Graph Applet

An applet designed to display input data in Bar Graph form.
Example BarGraph.class

Cylon Applet

Named after the Cylon eyes (Battlestar Gallactica), this one is a relative of the ticker tape applets.
Example Cylon.class

Blinking Applet

Words that randomly blink and change color.
Example Blinking.class

Undulating Text Applet

Text undulatig across the screen like ocean waves.
Example Wave.class

Who Are You? Applet

An applet demonstrating the Internet Address commands.
Example WhoAreU.class

Color Chooser Applet

A small Applet designed to test color combinations and to obtain "decimal" and "hex equivalents. (This Applet requires at least Netscape or IE 4.)

PS Upon reflection, Using Chopra's 7 Siritual of Success as the example seemed like a better idea than the drinking limerik I was originaly going to use.
Example Col1.class

Text Scroller #1 Applet

Another relative of the Ticker Tape applet. In this incarnation, the text scrolls up the sceen rather than across.
Example Scroller.class

Colored Button Applet

The colors of the button are determined by choosing the percentages of Red, Green, and Blue the user wants at each corner. The remainder of the button if filled using a 2-D linear interperlation from those four points. The default button message and its color, the mouse over message, and the URL to switch to on a mouse down (click) event are input variables
Example Scroller.class

Push Button Applet

A push button Applet. This Applet provides a standard shadowed button with a mouse over color change.
Example Button1.class

Drop Down Menu Applet

A peer based Drop Down Menu.
Example DD_Menu.class

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