(Last Updated 12/31/97)

ShadowBot Script Files

Bot, or robot, programs have proliferated on IRC. Aside from their use as protectors and dispensers of information, they are fun and provide their users with an alternate personality. A bot that simply sits in a corner and rusts is, at best, boring. Unless you want to sit at the keyboard constantly typing your "bots ?" responses, its personality is derived from its scripts. The best scriptable Macintosh bot that I know of is ShadowBot. The following are a series of "plug ins" files specifically designed to be used with Shadow. The files are supplied in Microsoft Word 5.1 format. This portion of the page is new. It is anticipated that the following set may dramatically change in time.

Horror Do's and Don'ts: (374 kB) The "Horror" suite is a set of scripts whose purpose is to provide guidance for the channel users so they may survive their first appearance in a horror flick. It is a compilation of many idioms, which are have seemed to be obvious to most movie viewers but somehow always have seemed to escape the ken of the players. The nice thing in writing a plugin such as this is that if it doesn't work, there isn't anyone left to sue me for bad advice. This file is a List type plugin which provides responses to a specific command entered by a user. There is also an auxiliary script which is a small plugin designed to be used to introduce the subject in the channel and an event handler which reacts to channel conversation. The set includes 2 scripts, 7 audio files, and a text narrative.

Sex Guide: (34 kB) The "Sex Guide" suite is a set of two scripts designed to provide a translation service for the continual negotiations that seem to occur between the male and female of our species (male and female channel users in this particular case). It provides a direct 1:1 (or in some cases one to many) correspondence between what ladies say and really mean and what men say and really mean. Each script is a List type plugin. The set includes 2 scripts and a text narrative.

Wrath of Oz Kick: (187 kB) The Wrath of Oz kick script suite is the most involved of my kicking scripts. It involves an interaction between multiple machines (PCs with mIRC, Macs with IRCLE and, of course Shadow) to tell a coherent story. Scripts are provided to initiate the script either from IRCLE or from mIRC. Shadow then takes over the story. It determines if the command came from a male or a female, and acknowledges it appropriately. It then checks the channel for users using a nick of "OZ" or "r_OZ". It the user is not one of the high operators, he or she will be labeled a nick-stealer and summarily kicked to the accompaniment of an audio from the "Wizard of OZ" movie. Shadow then changes his nick to r_OZ, changes the channel mode to moderated, and removes the kickee's voice. The kickee is then asked who he is and when he doesn't answer, is kicked. Shadow resumes his normal identity and each of the other machines asks him if he saw OZ. Throughout this story, the other involved machines are using "On Text" (PC) or "PubMsg" (Mac) event handlers to respond to OZ's commands. This set presently includes 2 audio files, a ShadowBot script, and 2 IRCLE scripts. (The mIRC script and Pop-Up are not yet complete). The text narrative (Microsoft Word 5.1) can be found at (Kick Document)). It is maintained separately since it is a compilation of the descriptions of all my kicking routines.

General Channel Maintenance: (128 kB) Three general scripts normally used for channel maintenance. They include: a Join Script to welcome newcomers; a part script to say good-bye when they leave; and a channel help script.

Interactive URL Script: (9k) An automatic script to offer URLs to channel users. The URLs are broken into sets and the user is asked to choose the set they wish.

Wav Transfer: (Not complete) A script to automatically DCC a wav upon request.

Operator Responses: (Not complete) A suite of automatic responses to operator commands / demands. Each response is accompanied by an audio clip. This set includes responses such as: "By Your Command" and "It is done, Imperious Leader" (Cylons from Battlestar Galactica); to the menial robot quote from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; to a couple derived from Little Shop of Horrors; to the automatic shutdown sequence from Star Trek and the HAL dying sequence from 2001.

Channel Responses: (Not complete) A suite of automatic responses (with appropriate audio clips) to text typed in the channel. This set includes additional Hitchhikers Guide clips (Marvin the depressed robot), some Dr. Who responses, and some additional Little Shop responses. This set also includes responses such as an Autodestruct sequence (Star Trek), the information demand from The Prisoner, and an Addict Alert message.