(Last Updated 11/18/98)

Java-Script Tips & Scripts

These pages will be used to offer Java Script program snippits. I hope you find them of some value. I will try include examples of each (or at least provide links to pages where I use them).

Conditional Utilities

A small set of utilities to expand the standard Java Script conditional checks. It includes: "isIn(x,y)", "IsNum(x)", "isLetter(x)", and "isAlpha(x)".

Script Page Library.zip

Year 2000 Alert Message

A script providing a countdown for the Y2K problem using the Java Script alert box. The script additionally adds a random message about the problem.

Script Page No File

Data Base Manager

A Data Base mamager script.

Script Page JS_DB.zip

Status Bar Writer

A script to write something on the status bar using mouse actions as the initiator.

Script Page No File

PopUp Window

A script to open another window upon clicking on a link. A listing of all window properties setable in Java Script is provided.

Script Page No File

PopUp Window II

A second pop up window script. This script pops up a window when the main page loads. A short discussion on the use of variables in scripts is provided.

Script Page No File

Image Preloading

A script showing how to preload images to speed up image changes in response to specific actions.

Script Page No File

Clock, Calendar & Timer

A script to obtain a clock, calendar, &/or timer for your page. A short discussion on local and global variables and objects is provided.

Script Page No File

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