Work??? Whats that?

The CWDD accelerator at Argonne National Laboratory.

Good choice, I always like to start out as an EMT.

By avocation, I'm an EMT. I've ridden with the Plainsboro Rescue Squad since 1984, and in 1991, was the Captain.

I teach first aid and CPR for the American Red Cross.

If you have a little time visit: Ask a Paramedic a question. {Hint: The answer to the question is [b]: it's to assure that the occupants don't forget why they're in the vehicle. I asked a Welsh friend and he told me [c] was wrong.}

Yeah sure want to hear about the real exciting suff, eh.

By vocation, I'm a physicist. {At parties, I tell people I'm an EMT. Its amazing how blank faces go, when you say physicist.} I work for Northrop-Grumman in Princeton NJ where I design linear accelerators. The deuterium accelerator (CWDD) at the Argonne National Lab in Chicago is my design (picture on top). {The physics part anyway.} I also maintain their web pages (big woop). When I get around to it, I will hide some things there also.

Before this, I did electromatic field design on fusion reactors. That's how I came to be here in NJ - I worked on the TFTR project at the Plasma Physics Lab.

For those of you who have masochistic tendencies, I have included my Resumè.

I am starting a new page on the Mysteries of Physics. Haven`t you always wanted to hear about the neutron gobbling "Strange Quark Matter", Strangelets. (I didn`t make that up folks.)

Okay...enough of this...back to the Top or Main Page.

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