Mysteries of the Physical Universe

(Under Construction)

Before I became a Physicist, I was certain they knew everything. They knew why the stars were in the sky; How electricity really worked; The constituent parts of matter; Why electrons in atoms don`t just spiral into the nucleous. As I said, everything. Now that I am a Physicist, it would be real nice to be able to be so certain. In essence, what I have found out about Physics and the Physical universe, is that I live in a very very dark room and being a Physicist involves searching for even a glimmer of light. However, what we normally find is that, in a dark room, one is much more likely to walk into a wall than find a glimmer of light. Additionally, walking into walls, hurts.

There are however positive things about being a Physicist. The most important of which is, I know where some of the mysteries are. I don`t know the answers, but I see the mystery. And who dosen`t enjoy good mysteries. This page is dedicated to those very mysteries. The things I don`t know. (You can believe me that this is a much larger list than the items I do know.) I`ll throw in the parts I know and probably indulge in some idle speculation about the parts I don`t. Sort of "esoteric babbling."

Why would I do this? I will probably show my stupidity more that once. Its primary purpose is to try and convey some of the sense of mystery that I constantly see in science. A secondary purpose is to keep myself amused. There is probably nothing that I can present here that you hevn't already seen elsewhere.

(In no particular order) A short list of subjects I indend to cover is given below. It will rapidly become apparent that I am not an expert in any of them.

  • Year 2000 Problem A brief discourse on the problems facing computer programmers in the next few years.
    I initialy didnt appreciate the enormity of this problem.
  • Bell`s Inequality Bell`s Inequality provides a means to differentiate between the statistics of Quantum Mechanics and that of the Hidden Variable theories. Experimental evidence is showing that the Quantum Mechanical intrepretation is correct. This is good for QM but puts the remainder of Physics in a quandry. Is there a quantum connection between particles that conveys information infinitely fast? Is it possible that the trivial solution to Dirac`s equation is not so trivial after all?
  • Black Holes One of the weirdest and also most interesting things in the universe is the concept of Black Holes. Since by definition, Black Holes can not radiate, it is generally accepted that they are invisible. This however, ignores their ability to bend light that is outside of them. In the same manner that mirrors have the ability to reflect the light of lamps such that it looks like the lamp is behind the mirror, Black Holes have the ability to bend light from stars such that it will look to anyone, anyplace like the star is located on a line to the Black Hole. This imaging, will occur for every star in the sky making the Black Hole one of the brightest objects in the night sky.
    This, of course, assumes that Black Holes actually do exist. This is not a minor nor a trivial assumption.
  • Evolution of Stars Have you ever wondered about why stars come in such odd shapes and sizes. This is a brief discourse on the life cycle of stars. It was originally going to be a part of the Black Hole discussion but was then pulled out as its own item.
  • Energy: aaa
  • The Red Shift: aaa
  • Quarks: aaa
  • Dark Matter: aaa
  • Speed of Light: aaa
  • These page will probably take some time to write.

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