A Potpourri of Concepts

Caught!, in the cameras eye,
Caught!, without an alibi,
A picture's worth a thousand words they say.

As with most of us these days, I enjoy TV. Probably a result of growing up listening to those old radio shows: Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Green Hornet, etc. {Hey, does anyone else remember Corlis Archer or did I just dream it.}

My favorite show is: Babylon-5.. Surprising, Huh!
X-Files runs a very close second. Did you X-philes see the roach walk across the TV screen in "War of the Copraphages". It was great. My son and I stared at the screen until it was completely across before we realized that it was on the other side.

In addition to the SF, I'm a nut for most of the British mystery shows: Mystery on PBS and A&Es Mystery Theater, etc.. I particularly like Inspector Morse.

A gaggle of links: Kevin's Korner. My son. He has some pretty good local skiing and music links.
Naples Florida. I used to live in West Hollywood and St. Petersburg Fla.. I'd love to move back to the west coast. Naples is one of the nice places.
Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. The Boy Scout camp I went to as a kid.
The Pretenders. I particularly like "Brass in Pocket" {I'm Special}.
Grumman Aircraft: I will add a picture page in the future.
Space Pictures from NASA.
NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center.
The Prydonians of Princeton. The Princeton New Jersey Dr. Who fan club. (PS They also accept Star Trek X-Files Babylon 5 Red Dwarf Blakes 7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Star Wars etc. fans.)
BOFH. The Bastard Operator From Hell saga. Don't we all remember those days.
Aviation Pages. Index page from the FAA.
Inner Sanctum. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. mayby you would like the Billboard & Chat forums.
Rachel's Darker Side bookmarks.
Virtual Val`s :-) Try it, you`ll like it. (I loved it.)
Arthur's: A friend from work. Take a look. I think its good.
Brenda's Chamber: Visit often. A world of imagination is opening.
Janet's Window: I saved the best for last. If you like pretty, pert, friendly, cheerful, and a bit sassy ladies, check this one out.

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